Mrs Hinch’s Oven Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Are you wondering how to clean an oven Kim and Aggie style? Well, Mrs Hinch is the new cleaning sensation and has even taken over Kim & Aggie with her cleaning style and tips! Cleaning the oven is one of the most hated household chores. So we are always on the lookout for helpful tips and tricks to make cleaning the oven less of a challenge. Cleaning sensation, Mrs Hinch often shares her top tips for a sparkling clean oven, so we have put them all together for you below. Get ready for some Mrs Hinch Tips that will make your life a whole lot easier. 

Oven Liners and Oven Cleaning Hacks UK

Possibly the hardest area to clean is the bottom of the oven, as this area gets the brunt of food spillages. One tip Mrs Hinch continually recommends to her followers is to use oven liners. Oven liners sit in the bottom of the oven and prevent food and grime sticking to the oven. You can simply remove the liner, clean it, and return it to the oven.

We agree with Mrs Hinch’s top tip and would highly recommend using oven liners. These handy liners can be purchased from most homeware stores or online for under £10.

Here are our top tips on how to best use an oven liner.

Soak Oven Trays in the Bath

One of Mrs Hinch’s top cleaning tips relates to the oven racks. The racks are notoriously hard to clean, however Mrs Hinch recommends soaking the racks in the bath! This is because often the oven racks are too big to soak in the kitchen sink. She recommends soaking the racks for a few hours in a combination of washing up liquid, white vinegar and warm water, to remove the grime.

Here are our top tips on how to clean oven and baking trays.

Ovenclean specialists also have a fantastic solution for cleaning oven racks. As part of a professional oven clean, all removable components such as racks, doors and glass are cleaned using specialist equipment in the fully equipped Ovenclean vans. This means there is no mess in your kitchen sink, or bath – we simply deal with the grime outside of your home.

Sparkling Glass Door

Keeping the oven’s glass door clean is important. This is so you can check on your food while it’s cooking without the need to open the door. However, grime can quickly build-up on the glass due to food splatters. Mrs Hinch has a simple solution to oven glass cleaning, and it includes two products: white vinegar and a microfibre cloth, specifically a Minky M cloth. These cloths have been treated with anti-bacterial protection and will not scratch the glass.

Ovenclean specialists use high-quality products and tools to ensure the glass is not scratched during the clean. In some cases, the specialist will remove the oven door completely to ensure the door is sparkling clean and free from grime hidden in the seals.

Elbow Grease

Unsure how to clean oven racks Mrs Hinch style? Elbow Grease is the answer. Mrs Hinch’s top oven cleaning product is Elbow Grease, which she nicknames ‘Elvis’. She begins by spraying the inside of her oven with the product and then wiping it over with a Scrub Daddy. 

Although Elbow Grease is a great degreasing product, unfortunately it still requires physical ‘elbow grease’. However, when using a professional oven cleaning service, no elbow grease is required. You can sit back and relax knowing your oven is in good hands.

Ovenclean’s Top Tip: When using any product on your oven or hob, avoid the temperature dials as the number decals can be wiped off very easily.

Oven Cleaning Blade

When cleaning her oven, Mrs Hinch uses a blade to clean the surface and door of the oven. As part of a deep clean, Ovenclean specialists use a similar professional oven cleaning blade to remove grime. However, these blades are best used by a professional oven cleaner. In the wrong hands a blade can cause serious damage to the oven and severely scratch the glass door.

Professional Oven Cleaning

Is the best oven cleaner Mrs Hinch? She’s amazing but our professional specialists spend their entire days cleaning ovens which makes them the experts, so we would have to say we are the best oven cleaners! Our top stress-free tip is to leave the oven cleaning to us. We have a nationwide network of local oven cleaning specialists who can put the sparkle back into your oven and kitchen.

All Ovenclean specialists use a no-added caustic system, ensuring customers benefit from a safe and hygienic environment, leaving the oven ready to use as soon as the clean is complete! So why not save yourself some valuable time and decrease your stress levels– call us today on 0800 840 7127 or get a free quote below.


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