Our Best Advice for How to Clean Your Cooker

Nothing quite beats the taste of a homemade meal, but the downside of home cooking is it can lead to a very dirty cooker. Whether you have a traditional oven, Range or Aga cooker – food can quickly build up and become baked on, making it harder to remove. So, we are sharing our best advice for cleaning the cooker with you.

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Why is it important to clean the cooker?

A dirty cooker can not only ruin the look of your kitchen, but also be a fire hazard and decrease the efficiency of your oven. A cooker filled with grease and grime, could also affect the taste of your food, meaning your freshly baked carrot cake may taste a little strange.

Top tips for cleaning the cooker:

1. Assess the damage

Before you begin cleaning your cooker, assess the extent of the clean. If your cooker hasn’t been deep cleaned for years (don’t worry – you’re not the only one!), it could take you hours of continual scrubbing to clean your cooker. If you don’t have a few hours to spend with your head in the oven, then consider calling a local oven cleaning specialist, who will be able to transform your oven, whilst you get on with anything else you need to (or sit back with a well-deserved cuppa and enjoy some me-time!).

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If you are up for the cooker cleaning challenge, then follow our Ultimate Guide to Cleaning an Oven and take extra care when self-cleaning your cooker. Always follow the product’s instructions and take the necessary safety precautions such as a face-mask, safety goggles and long rubber gloves, if required.

2. Make your own cooker cleaner

You could save yourself time and money by creating your own cooker cleaning products at home. White vinegar, baking soda and lemon are really effective natural cleaners for ovens. Even better, you know exactly what you are cleaning with, as many high street oven cleaners contain a long list of chemicals. If you have children or pets, a homemade natural oven cleaner is a great alternative to chemical-based oven cleaning products.

How to create a natural oven cleaner.

3. Don’t forget the cooker hob

No one likes to clean the hob, but it’s a good idea to regularly clean the hob to stop germs from spreading and keep it in good working order. A clean and shiny cooker hob can also improve the overall appearance of your kitchen – bonus!

Cleaning spillages as you go is the most efficient way to keep your cooker hob looking brand new. However, if grime and grease has begun to build up on your hob, here is our step-by-step guide to cleaning the hob, or call in the professionals to make your hob look like new again.

4. Clean regularly

Just like your kitchen cupboards and work surfaces, the exterior of your oven also needs to be regularly wiped over, this is to keep the oven clean and free from germs. To keep the exterior of your cooker in tip top condition, it is recommended you give it a wipe over with a disinfectant and clean cloth once a week.

5. Prevent stains and food spillages

There are many different ways to prevent food spills in your oven, because after all, prevention is the key to cleaning the cooker. If you think your meal will drip or overflow, then place a foil lined baking tray below it to catch any spills, or purchase an oven liner.

6. Book a professional oven clean

Ovenclean specialist and a customerOur best advice is to call your local Ovenclean specialist. Our range of unique, no added caustic oven cleaning solutions give outstanding results to all oven cooker brands and models.

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